Multi Room Audio

Does music run through your blood? Is your family passionate about different forms of music? With this I & A app, you can allow yourself and all your family members to access preferred music through a single interface. It is also possible to connect and access personal devices and even enjoy the luxury of an inbuilt DJ and scheduler.

Following are some of the many astonishing things you can do with our multi room audio solutions:

Centrally Stored Music: Save the music that all of you in the family love and individually access it for your rooms. Turn your room into a musical haven.

Dock External Devices: Haven’t got your preferred song in the central storage? Dock an external device to your room’s music system and enjoy.

Inbuilt DJ: Why go to a discotheque when you can groove to DJ music right at your home? See how the ambience becomes surreal when this music syncs with your home’s lighting.

Scheduler: Schedule important tasks or set up an alarm, all from a single interface. The days of the good old alarm clocks are a passé.

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