Shades management with I & A

Sometimes you may feel that your room shades or curtains can be adjusted on your comfort and you might be tired off adjusting them. Many of us adjust the curtain to save power by allowing natural light with curtain or shade adjustment. Our automated motorized curtains help you to feel more comfortable all the time.

Following are some of the many astonishing things you can do with this solution of ours:

Sensible curtains :with our Programmed curtains, your shades can become smart by scheduled at intervals and adjust themselves by sensing the external light.

Smart weather move :with our weather Ready feature you can automatically wind and unwind your curtains with one click when you feel that your curtains may spoil due to rain or winds.

Conservation mode:by ourenergy conservation feature, you can sync your shades with the lighting system in your home and conserve energy by adjusting with natural light.

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